IBM Ring 321 was established in 1996 in Surabaya , Indonesia .

The club goals is promoting the art of magic. Now on 25 March Ring 321 celebrated the 13 years of age at the BIMA RESTAURANT with typical Chinese cuisine.

We held a stage magic competition for members working together with INTERNATIONAL LIONS CLUB SURABAYA PERTIWI and SURABAYA PERWIRA, we sell the dinner ticket (almost sold out) which raises money for local orphanage.

A dinner with magic competition show was held in the presence of more than 300 guests, with live music and live ballroom and latin dance for peoples who loved to dance.

A short speech from Lion International continued with the Paulus Sentana (President of Ring 321) performed his nice routined with cards, classic dancing skeleton ended with the vanished the candle. One of the very entertaining routined is he vanished some cards and visibly and magically all cards appear in the each end of the star shape, without he even touching the star.


Second guest performer is Cahyo with his disturbing looks, he did very eerie horizontal blade through wrist with a lot of blood flowed out. This is the effect that nobody don’t want to see it.

5 6

The closing climax of our night entertainment was Arturo Illusion, Zai Baba who did the illusion with street theme and fire stage effect, combined with nice hip hop dance and many pretty girls on stage, his first appearance is from Tip Over Trunk and his finale act was Body Thru Body Illusion, all lay audience are amazed.

And now the stage competition, with the 9 competitors were Anang Baret (won 1st place), 2

Alexandra (the only female member in our club), Hans Dragon, Freddy (won 2nd place), Trianto (won People’s Choice Award, the audience voted and selected him), Bayu, Jemmi Fonda, Yusep and last but not least Mr. ABD.

Anton was the M.C who led us.

Anang (1st place winner) wowed the crowd with his brilliant stage showmanship, cane manipulations and fire effect. He produced yards of silk from fire and Chinese fan and Parasols seemingly from thin air. Anang not only use magic to entertain but also the physical art of body movement no wondr he won the first place, congratulation!

Alexadra the charming lady hypnotized us with Improved Jigzaw Illusion, the scary looking jigsaw machine visibly cut audience body.3 4

Hans Dragon performed an excellent ball manipulation and Ring n Silk Routined with very surprising ending his head fall off from his body. Yes it s true…

The young talented magician Jemmi ala Phantom of the Opera demostrated Floating Table, the heavy table float around with no support and raise into the air a truly nice move with great music as background.10

Mr ABD presented his illusion act, the Sub Trunk with his beautiful daughter and mysterious looking trunk. Our Houdini finally did it again.

Bayu, the senior magician from Surabaya after long absence showed us his own invention, his own design Assistant Revenge effect, very brand new prop, he told me this is the first time he used it.

Very amazing.

Yusep (3rd place winner) took the stage bound with his tradional magic effect, he burned his assistant head and frying an egg on it. Nothing to worry as he is the expert and did it in comedy way. He really a magician who shows both style and humor on stage with a act to music.11 8

Trianto (won People Choice Award), his funny “dirty” effect, the long sausage balloon swallowed and reappear under his pant. All the man laugh all the lady shy. His other number was a magical production of

Freddy (2nd place winner), performed some classic dove magic, hoola fooler (linking hoola hoop)7 16

Our anniversary event was also memorable. Thank you to Lion Club of Surabaya Pertiwi, Perwira and all our members who worked hard to put the evening together. It was a great night of magic and dancing party, good fun and fellowship. The party ended at about 11 pm .

If you are magician visiting Surabaya , Indonesia please stop by and join us on the third Wednesday of the month, for place please email : SSUCAHYO@YAHOO.COM



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