Proudly to announce THE GREAT CAHYO the well known Indonesian bizarre magician won the coveted Merlin Award 2009, presented by the International Magicians Society (IMS).Cahyo is the first Indonesian magician who receive this prestigious award which will be presented in September 2009 for his. hardwork
and dedication in magic.Unlike a competition award that one wins by performing better than a specific group of magicians on a particular day, the coveted Merlin Award is only presented to magicians who excel in their field based on a proven track record over a period of time.

Other Merlin Award winners include Criss Angel, Siegfried & Roy, David tCopperfield, Jeff Mc Bride, John Gaughn and Penn & Teller.The award will be presented to Cahyo in person by Mr Tony Hassini, World President Chairman/ CEO of the International Magicians Society in an exclusive show and awards presentation in Sept 2009 in Magic Castle Bali, Kuta Bali.This event supported by Magician World Society, Kuta, Bali. To see more of the previous Merlin Award recipients please visit site below:

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